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Features and benefits

Share appliance manuals and important notes
Share emergency contact details
Recommend your trusted service providers
Auto alert tenants about any changes
Manage unlimited properties with a single account
Maintain your property info from any location

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tenant Update a property management service?
Tenant Update provides quick and easy access to essential property info for landlords and tenants.

How much does Tenant Update cost?
It’s free for your first property. No credit card is required and your account never expires. Upgrade anytime to manage unlimited properties and share with unlimited tenants for only $39 a year.

What information can I share with my tenant?
Appliance user manuals, important notes about the property, info for trusted service providers, emergency contacts, and signed rental agreements.

Can I control what I share with my tenant?
Yes, with just a couple of clicks!

Can I add or remove tenants from property at any time?
Yes. Easily manage tenants from your Dashboard. New tenants automatically get notified upon invite.